Lincoln High School graduates enroll at UCSD

Enrolled at UCSD's Jacob School of Engineerring, LHS Graduate

Throughout the 2010-2011 school year, Lincoln High School students worked closely with UCSD tutors on their academics and college applications. Tutors from the Early Academic Outreach Program and CREATE came together in the work. Saul Ojeda and Yajaira Grande, graduates from Lincoln High School (LHS), will be attending UCSD in the fall.  Saul will be enrolled at the Jacob School of Engineering and Yajaira will be enrolled at Revelle College.

Saul and Yajaira attribute part of their acceptance to the regular one-on-one interaction with UCSD college tutors. They plan to return to Lincoln High School (LHS) as UCSD college tutors upon transitioning into UCSD academics and life.