CREATE stands behind our campus’ statement on the events in Charlottesville.

We, too, denounce and condemn the virulent forms of racism and white supremacy seen in Charlottesville. We appreciate our campus’ encouragement to “all members of our campus community to stand up and speak out against all acts of bigotry.”

Moreover, as an organization focused on supporting young people and educators, we believe in the particular power of educators, families, and youth to speak up against hate and racism on a daily basis. To this end, we offer our Director Mica Pollock’s most recent advice to educators, “Stand Up Against Hate,” printed recently in Teaching Tolerance magazine.

In her piece, Pollock discusses a crucial educator responsibility: to stand up against hate and intimidation, so schools stay safe for learning.

CREATE stands united with our educator colleagues across the region in this mission.

Join Pollock and many others on the #schooltalking Facebook group for more resource-sharing and dialogue.