CREATE Statement on White Supremacist Violence

We at UC San Diego’s Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) denounce the white supremacist violence spiking in our nation.

We also denounce the deeper forms of “white supremacy” spiking into today’s explicit violence.

That is, we reject the false notions of group inferiority and superiority, and related structures of unequal opportunity, that are embedded in today’s society and our daily lives.

To us, fighting “white supremacy” today requires not only actively refusing the abhorrent violent versions we are seeing explode in hate crimes, but also insisting publicly that all “types of people” across our society deserve inclusion and opportunity.

We reject any situation or action that treats “white people” as inherently more valuable than others. All people are equally valuable. Everyone belongs.

#USvsHate #CREATEequity