CREATE was established in 1997 as UC San Diego’s entity to support local K-12 outreach and college preparation efforts, specifically for students too often underrepresented in college. Our charge was to marshal campus resources towards support of K-12 students and teachers in the San Diego region. We now focus on supporting K-21DSC_7367_UCSanDiegoPublication_ErikJepsen12 schools and systems, while also supporting community college and UC San Diego colleagues to design outreach and education programming to meet key local education needs.

Our goal is to leverage our university’s resources to support the college and career preparation of students and teachers throughout the region. And our goal is equity: we work to support the full human talent development of every student in the San Diego region, particularly from communities that might not otherwise access higher education opportunities.

Twenty years since our founding, our education networks are broad and deep. Within CREATE are teacher professional development (PD) and student academic preparation organizations connected to thousands of the region’s teachers and students. UC San Diego faculty, staff and students regularly approach us requesting our support in outreach design and evaluation, and requesting our help linking to schools, districts, and local education innovators.

Within our walls, you’ll find an innovative team of researchers studying and designing youth and teacher development; longstanding programs supporting San Diego students toward colleges; and professional development experts designing new ways of working with the state and region’s teachers.

We’re busy addressing the regional challenge of developing the next generation’s potential.

Contact us at create@ucsd.edu for help with the following:

  • If you want help connecting to our broad network of educators, schools and districts in the San Diego region. Collectively, we currently link to teachers and students in hundreds of schools in the region, all major school districts, and community organizations. We can also help you connect to colleagues on our campus!
  • If you want to shape an outreach or education program toward maximum impact with students or teachers.
  • If you seek professional development opportunities for local educators, including ways of linking UC San Diego resources to local teachers.
  • If you want to maximize the educational impact of any grant application.
  • If you want assistance with evaluation planning or research projects.
  • If you are interested in efforts placing UC San Diego students as tutors, mentors, and role models or local K-12 youth.
  • If you’d like us to co-host a conversation about a key issue affecting local education.

Do you want to shape a project toward maximum benefits to local young people and teachers? Want to mentor young people yourself, or support the region’s schools? Need to evaluate an educational effort? Contact us!

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