CREATE at UC San Diego

The Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence, UC San Diego



CREATE was established in 1997 as UC San Diego’s entity to support local K-12 outreach and college preparation efforts, specifically for students too often underrepresented in college. Our charge was to marshal campus resources towards support of K-12 education in the San Diego region through supporting local students and their teachers. Increasingly, we consult with colleagues on improving underrepresented students’ experience in the 12-20 (university-level) pipeline as well. Our work now addresses the pre-K-20/career pipeline in our region and university. Our goal is to leverage our university’s resources to support the education of high-need students in the region.

With a laser-like focus on addressing the educational “pipeline” since our inception, CREATE now works to help colleagues across the university and San Diego community investigate pipeline gaps and consider how education efforts can have maximum impact on educational outcomes. We leverage and network UC San Diego faculty, staff and students to local educators, and we help UC San Diego colleagues design outreach with the goal of collective impact on local education. Beyond our important in-house programs, UC San Diego PIs and students regularly approach us requesting our full range of support in outreach design and evaluation, or requesting our help linking to schools, districts, and local education innovators.

Within CREATE are important teacher professional development (PD) and student academic preparation organizations connected to thousands of the region’s teachers and students, allowing us to build local networking relationships central to designing any education improvement effort. Within our walls, you’ll find an innovative team of researchers, youth mentors, and professional development experts working with the state and region’s teachers:

Researchers studying and supporting San Diego innovations in youth and teacher development:

CREATE Research

Mentors supporting San Diego youth toward college:

TRIO Outreach

Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

Core professional development projects designing new ways to serve the state and region’s teachers:

California Reading and Literature Project (state and regional)

San Diego Area Writing Project

Math for America San Diego

San Diego Science Project

We’re busy addressing the regional challenge of developing the next generation’s potential through the following work:

  • We help co-design, support, and evaluate partnerships between UC San Diego faculty/students and local schools, districts, and community-based organizations, with the particular goal of supporting more youth’s K-20 pathway toward college and careers. Contact us if you want to shape your program toward maximum impact on students or to evaluate an effort designed to support students and teachers.
  • We offer top-quality professional development opportunities for local educators, based on state frameworks and the latest innovations in teaching and learning. See Professional DevelopmentContact us if you seek to reach or support local teachers.
  • Through many forms of partnership with schools in the San Diego region, we support top-quality education — for 700 students at The Preuss School, UC San Diego’s on-campus model charter school, at CREATE’s other formal partnership schools (Gompers Preparatory Academy, and historically, Lincoln High School), and with the network of districts and innovative schools each of us partner with on a daily basis. Collectively, we currently link to teachers and students in nearly 200 schools in the region. See Partnerships.
  • In partnership with colleagues across campus, we help to design, run and support programs placing UC San Diego students as tutors, mentors, and role models for local K-12 youth, or as assistants to local teachers, counselors and afterschool programs. See Outreach.
  • We do research on the pre-K-20 pipeline, on professional development efforts for teachers, and on a host of education interventions and reforms. Our goal: figuring out how to support diverse students’ success at every juncture in the education “pipeline.” See Research.
  • We work to help replicate educational innovations across San Diego, and to network local educators, families, youth, and service providers to UC San Diego partners and to one another.

Do you want to shape a project toward maximum impact on local young people? Want to mentor young people yourself, or support the region’s teachers? Know of a local innovation more people should hear about? Need to evaluate an educational effort? Contact us!

By linking UC San Diego’s resources, people, and energy to ongoing efforts in the San Diego region, we demonstrate daily that it takes a network committed to student success to develop the potential of our next generation.

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