Your child will be fine! K-12 Learning Advice from CREATE

The UC San Diego Staff Association is tapping professionals from across UC San Diego to help colleagues and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this week’s Staff Association Newsletter, UC San Diego CREATE Associate Director Susan Yonezawa shares her thoughts about what’s important when children are learning and adapting to distance learning.  

Your child will be fine! K-12 Learning Advice from CREATE

Although we may not miss our daily commute, the new work from home mandate and ongoing COVID-19 crisis has a lot of us feeling more than a little anxious and unsure. And if you’re the parent of school- aged children, you may be dealing with a whole other level of stress. While meeting our work obligations, staff who are parents of K12 children also face the intimidating task of managing their kids’ online learning. Most of us aren’t educators, but many of the staff at UC San Diego CREATE are. That’s where we can help. We work closely with local teachers and schools. We know they struggle with this “new normal,” too. CREATE will provide the resources and tips for helping you navigate proven and manageable ways to help your child with school, while we all stay safe at home. For more information, contact us at This week, watch our message “Keeping it reasonable: The kids will be okay.”